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Academic Lecture: Analytical model of a many-electron atom


Topic: Analytical model of a many-electron atom

LecturerBelarus State university

Time14:00 pm, December 3th, 2018

Location: Room 322, East wing of main building


A fully analytical approximation for the observable characteristics of many-electron atoms is developed via a complete and orthonormal hydrogen-like basis with a single-effective charge parameter for all electrons of a given atom. The basis completeness allows us to employ the secondary-quantized representation for the construction of regular perturbation theory, which includes in a natural way correlation effects, converges fast and enables an effective calculation of the subsequent corrections. The hydrogen-like basis set provides a possibility to perform all summations over intermediate states in closed form, including both the discrete and continuous spectra. This is achieved with the help of the decomposition of the multi-particle Green function in a convolution of single-electronic Coulomb Green functions. We demonstrate that our fully analytical zeroth-order approximation describes the whole spectrum of the system, provides accuracy, which is independent of the number of electrons and is important for applications where the Thomas-Fermi model is still utilized. In addition already in second-order perturbation theory our results become comparable with those via a multi-configuration Hartree-Fock approach.

Brief Introduction of Lecturer:


Docent (academic rank)  2014         BSU

Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics major) 2010         BSU

Specialist (Master) degree (Physics major)     2007         BSU

Research fields: non-perturbative description of quantum systems (original approach); quantum optics; x-ray free electron lasers

Publications: more than 30 published works and papers;

Honors and Awards:

1. The First Prize of the Belarusian Special Presidential Foundation for Social Support of the Talented Pupils and Students (2013)

2. Gratitude of Belarusian State University (2016)



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