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Academic Lecture: Boundary element method for distributed load and its applications


Topic: Boundary element method for distributed load and its applications

LecturerMARMYSH DENISBelarus State university

Time9:00am-11:00 am, November 6th, 2018

Location: Room 602, 1st Experiment Building


At present time boundary element method is well developed. However, for its successful application in solving specific engineering problems, it is necessary to have fundamental solutions for concentrated load. Fundamental solutions for concentrated load have a singularity at the load application point. Preliminary integration of fundamental solutions allows to obtain solutions limited in the field of load distribution. In the paper solutions for distributed load on the elastic half-plane and plane segment obtained and also obtained for the elastic half-space and space some subdomains. The solutions were used to develop numerical algorithms for the boundary element method. The results were used to calculate the stress-strain state and damageability of the roller / shaft contact problem and also in the researching of some dynamic problems of elasticity theory.

Brief Introduction of Lecturer:

PhD, Belarusian State University(2014-10)

"Three-dimensional Stress-Strain State and Volume Damageability of Roller/Shaft Power System"

Higher Education, Belarusian State University(2011-06)

"Analytic Boundary Element Method for Analysis Stress-Strain State"


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