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DUT-BSU Joint Institute Welcomed Its First Freshman Class


On September 2nd and 3rd, 2017, The Joint Institute of the Dalian University of Technology and Belarusian State University (hereinafter referred to as “DUT-BSU Joint Institute”) welcomed its first freshman class of 2017. As a major initiative of international cooperative education, the enrollment of the first freshmen of DUT-BSU Joint Institute has received widespread attention.

DUT-BSU Joint Institute is the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution at undergraduate level under joint approval of the Ministry of Education of China and Belarus.

In 2017, the Institute provides two undergraduate degree programs: engineering mechanics and applied physics, each major enrolled 40 students. According to the unified deployment and coordination of the DUT, DUT-BSU Joint Institute set up a registration site in Xishan Dormitory Area, which made its debut in front of the whole school.



The enrollment work has been highly valued by the leaders of the school and supported by all units. During the summer vacation, Vice President Zhu hong has organized special seminars for new students' enrollment and teaching management. On the morning of September 2, President Guo Dongming, Vice President Zhu hong and other leaders from DUT visited the registration sites and conveyed their greetings to all staffs and new students. 

 On the afternoon of September 3, Parent Orientation of DUT-BSU Joint Institute in Room 602, Comprehensive Experiment Building. Prof. Ji Shunying, Dean of DUT-BSU Joint Institute, Professor Yan Jun, deputy director of the Department of Engineering Mechanics, and Associate Professor Guo Shuhong, deputy director of the Sino-Russian Cooperation Research Center attended the meeting and had in-depth exchanges with parents. During the meeting, Dean Ji Shunying gave a detailed account of the school-running process, philosophy, characteristics, also give some advices for students and parents. This meeting make parents and students have a better understanding of the direction of the university and also strengthen their confidence in the future development.



In order to comprehensively carry out the education and teaching work of the first freshmen, the students will be jointly managed and cultivated by DUT-BSU Joint Institute, Department of Transportation Engineering and Mechanics and School of Physics. The Institute strives to combine the world-class university education concept and school-running model with the educational philosophy and teaching work, and provide high level and high standard teaching service.

The new enrolled students of DUT-BSU Joint Institute will open a new chapter with their dreams. We believe that under the great attention of the Ministry of Education of China and Belarus, with the joint efforts of the two universities, the freshmen will be able to become an international compound talents with high professional competence.  


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